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We are living in Woodbridge VA and loving it. We now have 2 beautiful little girls, Evelynn and Cora, and look forward to the adventures that are coming our way. We have such a blessed life together and are thankful everyday for our eternal family.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Handy Man

Preston continues to surprise me with how handy he can be. When we first moved into our place he built our fence and then just a couple months later he built our patio. Both of which are beautiful! He did such a great job. I'll admit that when he told me that he was pretty sure he could build our deck I thought he was crazy. After meeting with a few companies and getting a couple quotes for a deck including Preston giving me a quote of how much it would cost for him to do it himself, I let him talk me into it. He told me that if I let him do it I could have patio furniture and a new grill and still spend less than hiring someone else to do it. SO I guess I was convinced. It took a while to get started with all the paper work and crazy storms we were having but once he got started it went pretty fast. From when he started to when he finished it took just over a month. Could have been worse! It would have gone faster but I went into labor the day he started and he had to take a little break. Anyway, he did a fantastic job, as usual, and we are loving having a deck while the weather has been so nice! Here are some pics I took to record his hard work! GREAT JOB BABE!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Evelynns Birthday Party

One of the many many things we love about our sweet 2  year old is how much she LOVES Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They are the first thing she asks for in the morning and have become the best baby sitters since Cora joined our little family. I don't know what we would do with out the Mickey Mouse Club House! So of course we decided to do a Minnie Mouse birthday party. We waited till 2 weeks after her birthday this year to have the party because my parents were going to be in town and I really wanted them there. So that is why this post is coming so late. Anyway.. It was supposed to be at our community swimming pool but of course that was the one day it rained all week so we had to move it to a park nearby. I wanted to have a hat making station where all the kids could decorate their own hats the way they wanted but at the pool that would have been impossible so I just made all the hats for them. They all LOVED the hats and wore them for the entire party. Even my friend Tammie's older boys, who started off thinking they were to cool for Mickey Mouse hats, were wearing them while getting in their car to leave. Who doesn't love a party hat right? Evie helped me make her birthday cake and to this day she still makes a birthday cake in her play kitchen 6 times a day for me. When we all sang her Happy Birthday she just smiled from ear to ear because along with loving Minnie Mouse so much she also loves her birthday. We had so much fun and are so thankful all our friends could make it! Hope you like the pictures!

 The Invitations

 Minnie Mouse Cake
 The Party Hats
 Minnie Mouse Juice

 She couldn't wait to blow her candles out!

 What a Cutie!
 I love this picture cause of all the hats in it. These 2 little girls love Evie so much.
 Now THIS is how you eat cake!
 The inside of her cake
 Family Picture! Preston is such a good sport! :)
 Thank goodness for our friends!
Oh the hats!! :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Cora Jayne Goodrich

 I realize this post is a little late. Our computer crashed and we had to send it into the shop to get fixed and with it went all our pictures of little Cora so I had to wait till we got it back. So here she is! Cora Jayne Goodrich joined our little family on July 5th at 6:47pm. She weighed 7lbs 2oz and was 21 inches long. She was born with a ton of dark brown hair and could eat all day long if we would let her. Here's the birth story if you are interested.

 2 weeks before Cora was born we went into the hospital thinking I was in labor. I progressed from 3cm to 5cm and then everything just stopped. I was still having contractions every 5 mins but they sent me home since they weren't going any where. For 2 weeks I walked around having regular contractions and was 5cm dilated already. I guess at the practice I was going to they won't help you go into labor until you are 39 weeks pregnant and that's why I went for so long the way I was. Anyway, on the 5th, which was 1 day before I was 39 weeks I went in for a doctors appointment and they couldn't believe I was still pregnant. I begged them to strip my membranes so they went ahead and did that for me. Just a few short hours later I was in labor. After contracting at home for an hour with my contractions 3 mins apart I called the hospital and we were on our way. I called them at 4 so we got there about 4:15 after dropping Evie off at a friends and driving over there. By 5:00 they had my epidural in and I was a happy girl again. Preston and I were talking earlier that day about how I bet I could have a baby without an epidural cause my pain tolerance is seriously high when it comes to labor but why do that when it's free right?! By the time we got to the hospital I couldn't handle the pain anymore. It was just coming to fast. Thank goodness for epidurals! By 5:30 they broke my water and just a little while later at 6:47, with just a couple pushes, Cora was born. She sat so low in there for so long that her poor little nose was so smooched down and crooked. It was pretty funny. We knew it would pop out after a couple hours and it did. Her nose looks totally normal now! Right away she was ready to eat and she hasn't stopped since. You would not believe how much this girl eats. She is 1 month old now and I'm pretty sure she is way bigger than Evie was at this age. She is not the best sleeper in the world but things have already gotten way better and I am learning more about her every day. I have had to cut dairy out again. I did that with Evie to and since I have done that Cora has been sleeping way better. Poor little girl has a sensitive tummy! Evie thinks that she is just the best thing in the world and is such a good little helper. Cora fits right into our family and we are so glad she is finally here!!

 Family Picture. I am sad we forgot to get one of all 4 of us in the hospital

look at all that hair!!

 Happy big sister!

 Going home