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We are living in Woodbridge VA and loving it. We now have 2 beautiful little girls, Evelynn and Cora, and look forward to the adventures that are coming our way. We have such a blessed life together and are thankful everyday for our eternal family.

Friday, February 24, 2012

long over due update

I can't believe how long it has been since I updated our blog. I'd love to say it's because we have been so busy but the truth is that we really haven't done much of anything and I think that's why I haven't posted. There's just not much to post about. I was looking at our camera last night hoping there would be some good pictures on there but I guess I haven't taken any pictures since before Christmas! That proves how boring we have been around here. I have taken some on my phone though. They aren't the best pictures but at least its something. We do have some BIG NEWS. We are expecting baby #2 in July. We just found out yesterday that we are having another little GIRL! We were so excited when they told us. We have been hoping for another little girl since this one is due 6 days after Evelynn's birthday so we have everything we need. All the clothes are in the right season even! I was a little surprised because I was sure it was a boy. I made the tech look 3 times to make sure. She said she was 99% sure but I'm still a little nervous. We are very excited. Preston is the cutest Daddy. When the tech asked if we were happy having another girl he told her, "yeah. I love girls. I would be happy with all girls." He melts my heart! I love to just watch him play with Evie on the weekends. Neither one of them look any happier than when they are together. Of course they both love me too so don't be worried about that. It will be super fun to have another girl around here.
Preston didn't want to take this picture. He thinks we look really lame but I wanted to post it for our children to see in the future. Can't wait to meet you Baby Girl #2!!

Here are some fun things about Evie
-weighs 22.4 pounds. She is 25th percentile on weight and height. 
-She loves to dance. She will do it for just about anyone
-She says her name now. When you ask her what her name is she points her little finger to her chest and says Evelynn very clearly. It is so cute!
-We babysit a friends kids a couple days a week right now and she has become really good friends with a little boy name Ethan. She calls him E E and they are best buds. I have some funny videos of them together but they are so hard to post on here so I don't think I will post them.
-Evie still LOVES her baby dolls. They are by far her favorite toy. We have left out all her baby stuff like her swing and bouncer cause she passes her baby through all of them all day long. Yesterday I noticed that she now calls her baby doll Emily. One of the kids we babysit is a 8 month old named Emily. I love that she has named her baby! She is so cute!
-When she wants something she tells you to "open it"
-She can work her way around my phone almost as well as I can
-She goes to nursery now and HATES it. The nursery leader is a good friend of ours and whenever Evie sees her no matter where we are she starts to freak out and wont leave my side. lol sad but sooo funny!
-She hands out free kisses all day long. I LOVE IT!
-knows all her animals and their noises
-Still loves Tonka. If he isn't in the same room as her she yells and yells for him till he shows up and then she is fine.
-Loves to skype with Grandmas and Grandpas. When ever she sees the computer she thinks that is what we are going to do.
-she LOVES buckles. We recently put her in a booster seat at the kitchen table and she can sit there for and hour buckling and unbuckling the buckles.
-she loves showers and brushing her teeth
 Here are a couple random pictures I found on my phone of her.

Here are a couple pictures of us at Prestons work christmas party. Evie really didn't like Santa at all!!

Here are just a couple picture on Valentines Day. A friend of ours threw a Valentines Day Party for all the younger kids who don't go to school. There were balloons on strings all over and Evie LOVED playing with them.We decorated cookies and cupcakes and had lunch. It was so fun! I think Valentines Day will be one of our favorites from now on!

Evie got her first haircut this past week. We really only cute a couple centimeters off but she liked it regardless. Now every time we are in the kitchen she wants to sit on the stool and have me put the cutting cape on her. To bad she doesn't have more hair so we can do it more often.