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We are living in Woodbridge VA and loving it. We now have 2 beautiful little girls, Evelynn and Cora, and look forward to the adventures that are coming our way. We have such a blessed life together and are thankful everyday for our eternal family.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

 HAPPY EASTER! Here is our cute little girl! Preston's mom sent Evie her Easter dress this year and Evie loved it. Whenever she sees it she tells me "grandmas dress" and we say "that's right, Grandma sent you this dress". At church people tell her they like her dress and she made sure they knew Grandma sent it to her. So THANKS Grandma! We LOVE the dress! I just had to take some pictures of her in it. I hope you like them!!

 The day before Easter we were invited to a friends house for their traditional celebrations. We ate food, had and Easter egg hunt, and cracked eggs filled with confetti on each others head. We had a lot of fun. Evie is a pro at finding Easter eggs. She would pick one up, stick it in her bucket and run off yelling "more eggs, more eggs". She got more than some of the big kids did.

 Oh the confetti!!! This will forever be one of my favorite memories of Evelynn. She LOVED the confetti filled eggs. Our friends family starts saving their egg shells the day after Easter for the next years confetti filled celebration. I wish I had a picture of how many eggs they had. It was crazy! So they dye them, fill them with confetti and glue tissue paper over the whole. That is a lot of work for about 15 mins of crazy fun. Evelynn was a pro at cracking these eggs. She would squeeze them till they broke in her hand and she would fly that confetti all over the place. I don't know if I have ever seen her have more fun! When Preston and I were out of our eggs she would walk over to all the other adults and ask for "more eggs please". Of course they gave her plenty of theirs too. It was a really fun tradition to be a part of. We are so thankful for wonderful friends who think of us on holidays like this.

 The Easter Bunny was so nice and brought Evie a little bike and a golf set this year. The bike is the perfect size for her! She is still trying to figure it out but loves to just sit on it either way!

For Easter dinner we had friends over to our house. I once again didn't get any pictures of it. I don't know how I always forget! We had 5 families over which made for 9 kids. I only had to make the ham and potatoes which is my favorite part about having a bunch of friends over. Everyone brings a couple things and you have an awesome dinner. It was delicious and the company was so fun. We spent a good hour just talking as adults while all our children played nicely together. It was so much fun. We always feel so blessed on holidays to have such great friends while we are unable to be with our families. It was a wonderful Easter thanks to all our friends!