What are we up to?

We are living in Woodbridge VA and loving it. We now have 2 beautiful little girls, Evelynn and Cora, and look forward to the adventures that are coming our way. We have such a blessed life together and are thankful everyday for our eternal family.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

p.s. Check out my new baby!!

That's right.. I got a brand new bike!! On friday we went to a bike store in the mall I work at and got an amazing deal on this sweet thing! We went for our first ride today. She's pretty huh!

Oh and the other day we made meatball sandwhiches and Preston insisted that I put this picture up. He loves meatball sandwhiches!!


I can't believe how long it has been since our last post! Here is an update on our summer! On top of Preston still going to school and me working, we manage to squeeze in fun things here and there. Preston has learned how to wakeboard this summer and really loves doing it! He has also been training for the Air Force Marathon which is in September and that has kept him pretty busy as well. A couple weeks ago my parents came out for a quick visit. They were only here for 2 days but it was so much fun to see them and to show them all the cool things here in Ohio! We went to the Air Force Museum, I got to show them where I work, and we went to the New Port Aquarium in Cincinnati. It was a lot of fun! We miss them. Right after they left, Extreme Home Makeover was in town working on a house just down the street from where we go to church. The salon and spa I work at was asked to go down and help out with the house and to give complimentary massages to the workers. It was an incredible experience! The episode will be airing in October sometime. I will let you know when it will be for sure if you want to watch it! The next weekend we went all the way to Seattle for my brothers wedding. It was so awesome being there and we were so thankful we were able to go. The plain rides were aweful but it was worth it in the end! We are so happy for Kelly and Sarah! In 3 weeks we will be heading to Mexico for some fun in the sun! It has been a really fun summer! I will try to update our blog before 3 months go by again! Hope you enjoy the pictures!